I still remember the first contact I had with Kelly & Marco through skype.  That was when I first had the feeling that with this couple feels like we know each other forever. Their Wedding in Trikala and more specifically in the magical place of Archontiko Chatzigaki  got me so excited! It was a blessing to meet this couple in my life and be their Greek Wedding Photographer.

We met in Athens and a few months later I visited them in Milan, Italy. Over where we spend a day together and did their Couple Session as well among the beautiful streets of Milan.

Last summer I travelled to Trikala and was amazed of the beautiful view of the mountains in Pertouli, but also enjoyed the kind hospitality of Kelly`s family. Once again allow me to thank those beautiful people for their character and believe me it means a lot to me when you meet so many people during summer season, to meet families that make you feel like you are one of them. It gives me happiness and motivation to photograph more and more. Kelly and Marco were getting ready in Trikala and afterwards we headed towards Archontiko Hatzigakis in Pertouli, where the wedding ceremony and reception took place.

Last but not least I would like to thank photographer Mrs.Marilia Fotopoulou for been there to help me as a second wedding photographer on that day, and I would like to wish both Marco & Kelly a happy life together full of love and all the best for the future!

See you soon my dear good friends in Milan…Ciao!

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