The last couple of years I have been many times to the lovely island of Spetses. But every time I feel something different. Maybe its the combination of the energy that the island has. The aura of the sea and the pure kindness of its people.

Whatever it is, if someone closes his eyes he can easily feel it. So I found myself there again for two amazing days for this Wedding in Spetses.

Met again old friends and enjoyed so much laughter and tears that showed me once again that the love I receive from my work is never-ending moments. Eleftheria and Konstantinos is a sensitive and romantic couple that gave me so much love and moments that I will keep inside me forever.

Then many hours of driving to Kosta area near Spetses and then arrival in the island around the afternoon. The same day at night the couple had a prewedding party in the famous bar of Votsalo. On the next day the wedding took place in the Holy Church of Agios Mamas. The wedding party in Kaiki Beach Bar.

Last but bot least, once again I would like to thank Eleftheria and Konstantinos for their kind hospitality and my friend Monica Atzeni for her valuable help, plus all the friends and relatives of the couple that shared their love with us on these two wonderful days.

My dear friends Eleftheria and Konstantinos, I wish you all the best of love and happiness to your life and stay crazy in love forever!

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