Kythera is one of my favourite Greek Islands!
Although I have only visited the place once in my life and many years ago, I was so excited when I first met through Skype Vasso and George and they told me that they plan their wedding in Kythera.

An amazing couple, that although they had no connection or roots from this island, they loved it from day one they went there and decided to gather all their close friends and relatives and share their beautiful moments there together!

I was amazed from their will and love to organise everything right, although it was so hard to do, especially of the fact they they both live in Austria and they had to make everything done through many telephones, internet messages and emails and even doing some quick trips to Greece.

Paulo Coelho says that when you want something for real then the Universe helps you to make it happen, in this case to be honest I have to say that definitely when you want something and you go after it like mad and especially madly in love, then yes it does happen!

And this is something I loved from the minute I met this couple and started discussing about their wedding. 

Hence, I found myself last August in this lovely Greek Island of Kythera and had the chance to meet new friends and live together with Vasso and George their wonderful wedding day and the crazy party that followed afterwards in Mitata, Kythera.

Allow me to thank my couple for their warm hospitality and thank them for their kind words. It was a great honour for me to be your Greek Wedding Photographer in your wedding in Kythera!

See you soon my friends in Greece or Austria this time!