I have found myself getting ready for this wedding season starting soon again but the urge is still there to share more with you in my blog like this Wedding in Athens Riviera. I always feel the need to write and say more, each couple has a different bond with me, another kind of character and personalities that always create mutual feelings that stay inside me for a long time. And some other times like this couple, I honestly feel blessed to be doing this work.

I first met Nicole as Lizzie’s little sister a few years back in Lizzie’s wedding day and now just a few months back I was also Nicole’s wedding photographer too. First thing this couple told me was that they wanted to have a great summer beach party next to the sea and that is what mattered the most. That is why you won’t see any Getting ready photos on that day. The photos begin with their wedding ceremony next to the beach and the most important thing to them was to capture their day next to their beloved ones, the ones that only really mattered. And to be honest, this is what true love is all about, right?

Nicole and Antonis had their Wedding in Athens Riviera last July, and the party followed in the beach until early morning hours with lots of dancing, drinking and enjoying fireworks and lighting up the Athenian sky with their custom wedding fire balloons! The couple flew all over Miami, USA and many friends of theirs from all over the world joined in to celebrate their love. 

My dear friends I wish you all the best of love and luck to your new life and hope to see you both soon.