If someone asks me What do I remember the most from the wedding of Katarina & Mikolaj, I would definitely say the anxiety and crazy hours I felt only a few days before their wedding day, when I was informed from the Greek Airport that I was not able to fly to Warsaw, Poland due to an air traffic strike! I was shocked, felt so bad that I had to inform a couple only three days before their wedding, that there was a big chance that I would not be able to be there on time. Thank God they were so supportive and probably all our prayers made the heavens wide open and the strike was cancelled last minute, so me and my good friend and second photographer on that day Mr.Marios Valmas flew to Warsaw and managed to live some beautiful moments there.

I do not want to write a lot of words, I just want to express my gratitude and many thanks to the families and friends, that made us feel like good old friends, and for their so kind hospitality. All of them, family relatives travelling from United States, Holland, Sweden, all of them were so special and made us feel the same. It was also the first wedding I have seen so much Vodka and the first wedding that the musicians stopped playing and invited us to dance the Greek Zorba song all together, something that I will definitely remember for many many years.

On the last day, we had a walk in the beautiful Chopin park, and also in the old town of Warsaw, where we did the Day After Session with the couple. A city full of colours and a great history to tell in every street you meet. Last but not least, once again a big Thank you to Katarina and Mikolaj and also my good friend Sara for her hel all those days and her trust to my work!

God bless you all my friends and hope to see ya soon!

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