I finally manage to post a new wedding story on my blog from last year. The last few months were extremely busy as well with me travelling in European Destinations for weddings and spending most of my free time back home with my family. And as a result this has kept me away from my blog for sometime..

I had the luck to meet a happy couple last year in the area of Gytheio in Mani, Franzi and George, who came all over Germany to Greece for their wedding. Together with an excellent planning from wedding planner Mrs. Georgia Tsiotou from Manideco & also the awesome wedding videographers team of “Shoot Play Love” we enjoyed a two day wedding experience in the beautiful land of Mani, in Southern Greece.

With no more words to say, I would like to thank Franzi and George once again for their kind comments, their hospitality and love and also their families and all the above professionals we worked together those days and I leave you enjoy some of my favourite photos below from this wonderful wedding in Gytheio.